David Chadwick

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David has significant experience advising political risk insurers in relation to the adjustment and defence of claims involving all types of political risk policies, including confiscation (CEND), contract frustration and contingency (change of law) policies. He has advised clients on credit insurance policies where the risk insured can be consequent upon political acts, has considered countless jurisdictional issues and has handled claims involving investments into or trade involving Indonesia, Ecuador, Venezuela, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Gabon, Egypt, Libya and parts of the former USSR. In addition he has acted on a range of political violence and "discord risk" related claims involving countries such as the Lebanon, Libya and Egypt. He also regularly assists clients in the drafting of political risk policies and in assessing the types of risks that need to be insured against in particular jurisdictions.


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201 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3AB, UK